Our Commitment

Our Commitment

Social and Environmental Responsibility Commitment

Our Objective

Home Legend strives to conduct its business affairs in compliance with all applicable federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations, as well as laws, rules and regulations of any foreign country in which the we conduct business. All associates must take an active role in ensuring compliance with all such laws.Home Legend is committed to conducting business in compliance with all environmental laws, rules and regulations, both in the United States and abroad. Specifically, we are committed to upholding the Social Environmental Responsibility standards, the Global Security Verification standards, the Quality System Assessment standards, as set forth by our Customers, the California Air Resources Board standards, the Lacey Act standards, the Global Warming Solutions Act standards, appropriate ANSI standards, the Forest Stewardship Council standards, and any other environmental law or standard that may become applicable and not heretofore mentioned.

Our Program

Home Legend has initiated an extensive Corporate Environmental and Social Responsibility Compliance Program which includes:

  1. Employee involvement and training in Corporate Social Responsibility.
  2. Communicate to partners in the supply chains of our commitment to comply with all regulations.
  3. Require our partners to comply with all regulations as a routine course of doing business with Home Legend.
  4. Contracting the services of third party with expertise in Corporate Environmental and Social Responsibilities (CESR) to perform compliance audits of our suppliers and provide them with training to establish a sustainable Performance Improvement Process at their facilities