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Hardwood Flooring

Why choose hardwood flooring products? With hardwood, you can attain style and durability with our real wood planks that are engineered to handle the toughest traffic and interiors.

Waterproof Hardwood
Waterproof Hardwood has a real wood layer in place of the typical decorative vinyl film, giving the planks a realistic, authentic look.

Varying Constructions Offered:

Beautiful waterproof hardwood planks are perfect in any room with potential spills or water damage. Crystalguard™ MAX top layer.
Engineered Hardwood
Wood flooring with an engineered core that is more resistant against water, scratches, and dents.

HDF Wood

Hand-stained wood with light wire brushed textures and a low gloss finish. Scratch resistant, low gloss, and click installation.


Wood flooring with an engineered plywood core, can withstand moisture and temperature fluctuations throughout the year.

Solid Wood

Constructed of solid wood all the way through. Can be sanded and refinished numerous times.