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As a subsidiary of one of the largest flooring manufacturer in Asia, we have access to global sourcing, dependable supply chains, and innovative technology to deliver a superior product.

Parent Company Patent Wall

Vertically-integrated supply chain

We create the most durable and beautiful floors thanks to our strategic supply chain, dependable manufacturers, and continuous innovation. Home Legend relies on these key elements for success; ensuring accuracy and efficiency, staying flexible, and differentiating our products in key dimensions.


Thanks to our strategic manufacturing structure, we have the ability to provide a large capacity and variety of flooring products. Home Legend has access to professionally managed productions plants scattered across several regions in China and other countries in Southeast Asia.

HDF/MDF/Particle Board plant

Flooring plant

OEM/ODM Production Facilities

1. Vietnam
2. Cambodia
3. Malaysia
4. Indonesia
0 m 2

SPC Flooring - OEM/ODM Production

0 m 2

Bamboo Flooring - Owned Production


Manufacturing Plants


Research and Development

With over 200 patents, we are continuously pushing technology and design to bring you the next big innovations. We have a dedicated R&D factory and professionally-equipped testing labs for quick development and launch to market.

Innovation for Anti-Scratch

We’ve recently developed Crystalguard™MAX, a proprietary anti-scratch coating that is revolutionizing vinyl products.

Unrivaled Scratch resistance

Featuring 7 layers of our superior and proprietary anti-scratch coating for the ultimate scratch resistance.

No more wear layer

Crystalguard™MAX eliminates the need for a traditional wear layer you'd typically find on luxury vinyl products.

Crisp, clear visuals

Traditional vinyl wear layers yellow and fade over time. Crystalguard™MAX coating ensures that your flooring visuals stay crisp and clear for longer, while also protecting them from stains, scuffs, and scratches.

Traditional wear layerLayer 4